Hermes truly is the master of your mind. Working through hypnosis and other sensationally fascinating effects many of us never believed to be real, this man with quite a good sense of humor puts on an incredible show.


As someone watching these mind tricks, we can only wonder, “Is it real? Is he really a magician?” and that’s just the fun of it all. While we don’t feel that magic is real, his effects are so incredibly mind blowing that we have trouble not believing.


I have never before seen a magician that focuses so much on the mind of the volunteer, making this specific mentalist very unique and creative.”   Vena Ryan



Just enjoy the ride and start believing… for his magic has no tricks and his powers are real.  Mentalist, illusionist, hypnotist, conjurer, kinesiologist, charmer, enchanter, witch and mind reader. He can be called many names; none can portray the magnitude of his act.”   D. Fernandez   (La Prensa)



“I am very scared that you know what my thought are. I’ve been really impressed.”   Marian de la Fuente (Telemundo Network)



“I was shocked, not only with his acts of mentalism, but with his knowledge and his sharp intellect. His performance transcends the usual magic acts.”   A.R.R. (La Gaceta)


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